Property and Gardens

Contemplative Spaces

In June there is a large Kwazan Cherry tree that is laden with large clumps of small shaped scented flowers that simulate roses, leading the way for a summer show of Rhododendrons.

Everything in the garden takes its place in the built environment. “There are minimal amounts [of flowering plants] that work very hard,” long-flowering roses and two large Korean Lilacs scent the walkway to the front door of the house.”

Placed seating in key spots, believing a garden should be injoyed, just not worked in.

Visitors are free to while away their time. Some have even been known to fall aslep in the garden, such is Blue Forest Lane's soothing influence.

A down-to-earth approach defines the creation of the house and garden.

Hundreds of trees and a woodland of natives—hemlock, birch, spruce, and fur—now grow up to the house. A mix of boxwoods, hosta, yews with  lilies and linden trees, not only reflect the estate's legacy but thrive in the mountain dampness.

Perched on a slope, the property is shrouded by mature trees that provide cool, shadowy cover atypical of a Nova Scotia garden, allowing for shade plants that require little water. Using appropriate botanicals for the conditions, the goal was to create harmonious sight lines, colors, and textures that linked each planting area and complemented the house. 






ROOM RATE - $200 per night From October 15th - June 1st - $149.00
ROOM RATE - $195 per night From October 15th - June 1st - $149.00
ROOM RATE - $185 per night From October 15th - June 1st - $139.00